We Are Here To Serve You

Opening a new corporation, LITS will guide you step by step to assist you with starting up a new business. Our certified specialist will walk you through the exciting steps of being a new business owner to reach your goal. LITS will guide you from the beginning to the end plant the seed and allow us to fertilize it for your most and biggest success. Opening a new business (Business Start up) can be very expensive and frustrating, with our team of experts and resources you will have an amazing experience which will be rewarding. LITS has created bonding partnerships with BB&T and ADP to provide you with tools and resources to run your business and worry less, we have created a system to accommodate our clients so they can focus more in their business and worry less on non businesses expertise

Why Are We The Best?

Our Mission is to help our customers move passed past mistakes and clerical errors that are holding them back from achieving their dreams.
Our philosophy is that everyone deserves a second chance—or a third—and should be treated with respect no matter how bad the mistakes were.
We promise to solve any and all credit and debt problems to help our customers grow along side us.


We get results time and time again, which is why our customers recommend us so highly.


It’s important to move on from past mistakes, which we help our customers do day in and day out.


We stop at nothing to help our clients achieve their goals. Your success is our success after all.

In need of a reliable Notary Public?

  • You must have a valid State-issued photo ID, such as a driver license or passport.
  • Documents to be notarized must be in your possession.
  • Most documents require the signature of witnesses; scan the documents to check whether or not the signature of witnesses is required. If it is, witnesses must be present at the time of the appointment. If you can’t provide witnesses I can provide them for you.
  • If the document (s) have been signed prior to the notary’s arrival, by law we are not allowed to notarize them, and therefore we will be unable to further help you. Remember the whole purpose of the Notary is to legitimize and corroborate through proper identification, that the person signing the document “is in fact” the person in front of the notary public. LITS have notaries available all year round.

Exciting steps of being a new business owner to reach your goal

Results driven processes ensure fast, accurate results every time